Art Tour International 2017 – Top 60 Masters Of Contemporary Art 2017 

Alexandru Darida draws his audience in with his warm use of romanticism in each stroke of his brush. Offering a light-filled experience to the viewers his painting makes use of great traditional influences; He combines Renaissance and Baroque influence with a more personal figurative approach which includes backgrounds with thick, impasto layers that create a solid foundation for the depicted figure. (Curated by Viviana Puello)

Cotidianul Newspaper, October 2017 – Alexandru Darida, A New International Prestigious Award

Alexandru Darida’s paintings have a rich and energetic polychromy…paintings that capture the cosmic miracle, nature and culture, global climate change, lyricism and musicality of forms and colors, the eternal female of the real and legendary world. (By Doina Uricariu, New York art critic)

Occidentul Românesc, May 2017 – Alexandru Darida wins Francisco Goya Award

In the new world order of disorder, art goes through drastic changes. In a global society with dynamic culture values interconnected, it is becoming increasingly difficult to create a unique language. Alexandru Darida is one of the artists required by the contemporary art scene.

Art World News, September 2009 – Darida, Pioneer And Social Activist

Alexandru Darida recognizes it as his obligation as an artist to communicate the most pressing social and ethical issues of today through his artwork in order to stimulate dialogue on those subjects that touch on the future of mankind in the 20th century.

Art World News, May 2008 – A Catalyst to Preserve Nature

He utilizes found objects that merge elements of abstract and sculptural forms that represent “a reconciliation with self and our surroundings.” Their use in combination with Darida’s classic painting technique is designed to create a distinguished, forward-looking style.

Art World News, Jul. 2005 – Darida’s Painted Musical Sculptures

Darida discovers the old instruments that become his canvas in antique stores. “I feel the energy coming from them under the dust—and I think of them being played by someone for so many hours. and I want to immortalize the energy that they emit so the instruments themselves become an expression of art.”

Art World News, May 2001 – Artist Vitae: The Pursuit of Artisitc Freedom

“Spirituality is the secret of your art. It makes for more profound art, and sometimes forces you to make sacrifices on its behalf—but if you are not willing to give up some things then you will never have anything,” he says, reflecting upon what he has lost and gained so far, summing up his experience in a sentence: “Art is more than colors and lines, it is a spiritual journey.”


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